Belkasoft is one of the leaders in digital forensic solutions for investigators from law enforcement agencies and corporate response teams.
Founded Date
Jan 1, 2002
Operating Status
Number of Employees
IPO Status
Company Type
For Profit
Contact Email
Phone Number
+1 (650) 272-0384
Belkasoft’s flagship product, Belkasoft Evidence Center, is known as an efficient and far-reaching tool in over 130 countries. It is actively used by police department, corporate investigative teams, forensic laboratories, etc. In order to provide the fullest possible picture of any case, the solution includes such features as data carving, cross-case search, multi-user team edition,
The solution is capable of identifying over 1000 types of artifacts in total and embraces over 200 mobile apps. Data can be extracted from machines and devices based on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.
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