BeApp is a designer and developer of custom mobile apps for small businesses.
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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May 1, 2009
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+1 650 427 9527
BeApp is the evolution of Delapalo Labs, evolution is change and positive change. Our story began in early 2009 when we formed Delapalo Labs in order to design, build and publish mobile and social applications in a time when the iPhone was envisioned as leading platform and Facebook started to take their steps in the big brands and applications.

Delapalo creation was designed to build an incubator of projects, from concept to deployment. When you create a company since the first day is all about experiences. During the first year of operations we participated in more than 40 projects from our own ideas and from customers and partners, and we learned a lot. This experience led us to define what we believe is the future of our company and the best way to approach projects in a more organized and effective way.

In September 2010 we create BeApp with the following objective:

Delapalo Labs, returns to its original goal: become an incubator of projects, which will be received, analyzed and selected to build a model of pure incubation, financed by equity or third parties.

BeApp is and will be a development team of engineers, analysts, artists and testers to create products and applications according to the highest standards of quality and flexibility. BeApp provide the machinery for its customers build the best mobile and web applications and is the leading provider of Delapalo Labs for its incubation projects.

With this model, each business unit has its specific focus and project development capacity appropriate for each situation.

BeApp now has a team of analysts, programmers, artists, managers and testers who can tackle almost any project, also has a network of contacts and partners who can extend the ability to create almost limitless and agreements with various companies and organizations .

We are creating a services hub and an incubator that will be at the forefront of mobile developments in coming years.
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